Monday, February 1, 2010

New Toys and big waves pipeline

Check out the videos of the pipeline volcom Pro in Oahu. Dagmar was there with a girlfriend and saw the whole thing live from the beach.


Our container arrived Saturday, with all the new Starboards ( read toys)
After hours of unpacking I discovers some beautiful boards.
I had to go and try them out Sunday morning.
First a session on the new 9'1" pro ( 29 wide) in Hookipa. When I arrived the wind was already there. As a windsurfer I don't mind as a stand up surfers I do. Which means I am always happy with or without wind.
A had a couple of good ride , big drops and big wipe outs. In all a good morning.

All the new toys in the back up of my pick up ready for water.

In the after noon I went first for a windsurf stand up session. Which ended not too well after my mastfoot broke. After that I gave it an other try on the new QUAD 76 which was absolutely awesome. Light winds stopped most people going out in Kuau which has a difficult entrance and exit. The over mast high sets made it all exciting and worth it. In all a great day. I am totally hooked on the Quads, they plane very well and still you can make some much tight turns on a wave, like a surfboard.

Kanaha Kai packed with new Boards.

Karen Baxter head of inventory
Aloha, From Maui

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