Sunday, January 24, 2010

The wind came and went, the waves still going strong

Pics by Dagmar

This week the trades were back.. only for a couple of days. We had a beautiful side/on-almost-Holland-conditions for one day. I came back late from work, drove by Hookipa and couldn't resist to jump in the water. After a big rain shower.The wind really filled in, together with a good swell it made an epic sunset session with only 4 guys out in Hookipa, Kauli seadi, Pieter Bijl and 2 more locals. I still use the Evil twin 74 which is a great board, snappy easy to use and still radical. I ordered the Quad 71 which is an whole other board, still easy to use but even more surf style, very turny with a lot of grip.

The next day the swell really kicked in. Hookipa closed out and Kuau was big but ride able. Together with the usual 5 or 6 who come after work we had some amazing size rides.

This weekend for the first time since the beginning of December the waves were small again and there was a big crowd in Hookipa. Sunday morning things looked different again and the swell was up. It just keeps coming.

Next week we get in the new Starboards. The Qauds, the new SUPs. So there will be a lot to try out and tell you about. I still use the SUP 9'8" element which is a nice board and does well in small to medium size waves but I am ready for something smaller. Although if you go smaller you loose some of the early-wave-catching-ability.

The next week looks mixed again. Mostly waves some days with wind and a possible tow in or big stand up day. I still haven't figured out how to show the wave size on the go pro videos but I will keep trying.

Mama's Fish House Parrot looking at the stand up paddlers


Niclas said...

Excellent to have the GoPro on the paddle. The whole vid made my feel like I was there, which in turn made me want to go back even more than before.
What size were the waves and what size of the board?

jeff E of the Great White North said...

HAH, the parrot at Kuau nice to see him/her? still there. Stayed at Kuau 4 years back at a now illegal VRBO. I'll admit I didnt have the guts to launch or sail there....