Monday, May 17, 2010

OLUKAI Stand Up race 2010

The RACE was on a again.
More competitors than ever and good conditions this year.
After a short but nice ceremony we all went on the water and lined up for the start.

I got a F14 from Connor Baxter the day before the race, a fast board but the conditions weren't fitting for this board and I had not enough practise on this rudder board. I fell of 5 times and couldn't get the glides. I am still disappointed about my result. But I am happy for Connor 4th and Livio 1st, their hard work paid off.
Two helicopters and and more than 200 racers
Just after the start the F14 F16 and F18 pull away from the rest of the field.
Livio came in after 53.36 minutes. First ever win for him, well earned.
Happy Livio.
Andrea got first in the women's Elite

I came in 15th in the Elite.


From left top right Ive, Me, Allen, Jeremy, Jack, Mark and Livio

Connor 15 yrs old, got 4 th place and did very well.