Sunday, May 31, 2009

The video of SUP around Maui

Map of the paddles course and 'camp sites'

Here is a little video made with the GO Pro camera.

Special Mahalo (thanks) to DAKINE and Starboard and all the nice comments from everybody all over the country.

Aloha from Maui

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Solo SUP around Maui, I Made it!

Here is small up date, tomorrow more with GoPro video and photos
It was hard but it was beautiful. This morning at 11.00 I came into Kanaha Beach Park, the place were I started 3 days and 2 hours and 40 minutes before (38 hrs and 25min of paddling). Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words.

Arrival in Kanaha
Yesterday I started off in Kaupo, after a long, more than 12 hours, paddle the day before from Launiopoko.
Lonely at sea
That day I just had to use the light or no wind I had. On trade wind days this part can break you.

The Caves between La Perouse and Kaupo

I was lucky and had most of the day a 4 knots from the back until it finally died totally. Just before dark I could make my small camp, basically a 3/4 sleeping mat , a blanket and a small mosquito net.

Very tired after a long 12 hr paddle.

Anyway, back to yesterday, the best and worst day in one. The worst because after it started out with no wind, it turned strong against me. 20 knots head wind is not funny on a stand up board. Luckily it was only really strong for a few miles than it calmed down to 10, still hard work all the way to Hana, where I had some food and lot's to drink. You can see, this was the bad part. The good part came after, when the wind became light from the side and I saw what I call the big four. Turtles, whales, sharks and dolphins.
2 Whales close to Nahiku

All between Hana and Ke'anea where Dagmar and Soleil waited for me. We made camp in Honomanu Bay. Today was the easiest of all days. a five hours paddle from Honomanu to Kanaha with nice trades from the back.

First day North Shore

And yes, Giampaolo, it was choppy and bouncy, but on this trip I had worse and I loved the trade winds, so I could finally glide the board. I used a starboard 12'2, 26 3/4 wide. Which is tippy but has a fast rocker for it's size.
In Kanaha my wife, Dagmar and daughter and Soleil were there together with Dennis and Rob. I got a nice trophy and 2 leis and felt deeply satisfied to accomplish this trip.

So why does one do this.
I take pleasure in doing something hard. It makes you humble and after it, you appreciate the normal things in life so much more, which most of us take for granted.
It is by far the best way to see Maui and you come to places others can not come to.
My way of saying 'Thank you' to Hawaiians who let us live and play here.
The stats:
Total time: 75 hrs and 20 min
Paddle time: 38 hrs 25 min
130 miles / 208 km
Board: starboard 12'2"
Paddle: Powerex, Sean Ordonez. I love this paddle, light stiff and good balance.
Gear: Dakine Lycra leash and camelbag. Perfect outfit. Specially the lycra which I wore for 38 hrs, mostly wet never started the chafe.
Equipment: 3 water bags, drybag, GPS, epirb, emergency kit, flares, lights, sleeping mat, blanket, mosquito net, dry fruit , bars, maps, life vest, GoPro video camera, and photo camera, dry T-shirt and extra short

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bart on his SUP around Maui, May 29 2009

11am, Bart just called that he made it all the way to Hana. Yesterday he had a very tough 12.5 h paddle to get all the way from the beach close to Olowalu across the Kihei Bay to Kaupo. Friends of mine told me yesterday that close to the Kaupo shores a whale carcass was driften in the water, surrounded by hundreds of sharks and MahiMahi (dolphin fish or Dorado). Several fishing boats were out there to make the catch of the day. So I was really worried. Luckily I had the change to tell him yesterday when he called. But he hasn't seen it while he paddled by. He is doing good and on his way towards Ke'Anae now. When the wind won't turn against him, he can make it into Kanaha with lots of strong paddling by tomorrow. Cross your fingers, wish him luck, Dagmar

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bart on his SUP around Maui, May 28 2009

Bart left this morning very early from a beach close to Oluwalu towards South Maui. Around 10am, after crossing the big bay of Kihei, he reached the beach of Maui Prince Hotel for a quick stop to give me a call, get some fresh water and eat something. Then he continued right away towards La Perousse Bay. Tomorrow will be another tough day, as he will try to get as close to Hana as possible, where Soleil and I gone meet him, bring him some food, fresh water.... I will try to update the blog before I leave from Haiku towards Hana, if I have some news. Thank you very much to all our friends for their continued support. Have a good night, Dagmar

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tough first day

After looking at the forecast I decided to start in Kanaha where Dagmar, Marit and Dennis said goodbye. The first 4 hours I had very light head wind and lots of chop which made it a hard sptart. But I still good progress. Saw 2 different packs of dolphins, lots of turtles and other fish. In launiopoko my friend Rob brought me some food which tasted very good after more than 9 hrs of paddling. Now I made camp on the south side, I hear the waves slamming on the rocks. Time to sleep, it will be a long day tomorrow. Ps thanks to my lovely wife, Dagmar, who always supports my crazy ideas. Even if I come up with those 2 days before. Aloha from south Maui.
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SUP around Maui, May 27 2009, 5pm

Bart just called, that he made it all the way to Lahaina. He is trying to publish a short text through his blackberry tonight.

Bart on his SUP around Maui, May 27 2009, 4pm

Time to get ready. I (Dagmar, Bart's wife) dropped him off at 8am at Kanaha Beach Park. Bart was all ready to go. Super excited about that challenging trip: Stand Up paddling around Maui.

Last smile into the camera. Ready to go!!!

Last check-up.

See you here in some days. Hopefully not later then Saturday evening.

Bart paddling towards the West Maui Mountains. The wind came from the other side this morning, Kona Winds, but very light and was supposed to change during the day. What it luckily did.

Good luck we all hope you will make it!!!!!

Preparations to paddle around Maui

Tomorrow I will try to paddle around Maui on a stand up paddle board. That's about 220 km and will take between 3 and 5 days. Very much depending on the wind. I have got all the necessary with me to camp out on the beaches along the coast. I will use a Starboard 12'2".
The winds are light and not necessarily from one direction. Today we suddenly had kona winds ( south wind) which doesn't happen often this time of the year. So I have to decide which way I should go in the morning, clock wise or the other way.

I will try to update the blog during this trip with this fancy blueberry phone I just got. Talking about just the basics. Dagmar will manage life at home and in the shop.
Aloha from Maui

Thursday, May 21, 2009

OLUKAI Stand up Race, The Movie

Here is a little movie of the Olukai Race.
The LOW close to the island is still blocking the wind. But we had a nice swell the last couple of days. Plenty of water action, stand up paddling, surfing... Enjoy the show.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Stand Up paddle race Olukai

Today we had the Olukai, stand up paddle race from Maliko to Kanaha.

Stand up paddle surfing became big in a short time. Downwinders, flatwater, waves, it's a hype and it's good... 5 Years ago only a hand full did it in Maui. Now thousands.
In the Olukai were about a 120 participants.
Because of the lack of wind it was a hard race.
Here some pictures of the event.

Hawaii chant at the opening ceremony

The women in my life and winning 'best support crew '
Mark Raaphorst 2nd place overall, fast as ever on his F18

Martijn and I 3rd and 2nd in our division

Dave Kalama 1st place overall, the man to beat

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Family time in Sprecks

This week the wind picked up again and we had some family time in Sprecks.

My Daughter likes to get out on the board with me. We started together when she was 4 years old. At 5 years, she was planing and jibing but lately it gets harder now she is getting taller and older (10). But with her own HOT Sails micro fire 2.1 she starts to sail by her self now.

Tomorrow is the Olukai Stand up race from Maliko to Kanaha. so stay tuned for some action.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Always water action on Maui

Very little wind here in Maui, this week. But that doesn't mean, we aren't having fun.
A nice big swell came in and my friend Martijn and I were on the water at 6:30 this morning with our Starboard 10'5" stand up's, great boards, they work in any condition. On of my better days on the SUP this year. Wooehaa.
It was big enough for a few unlucky ones who broke their board or their leash.
Later in the day even the wind picked up for a few hours. It looks like the normal trade winds are coming back later in the week. Aloha