Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bart on his SUP around Maui, May 28 2009

Bart left this morning very early from a beach close to Oluwalu towards South Maui. Around 10am, after crossing the big bay of Kihei, he reached the beach of Maui Prince Hotel for a quick stop to give me a call, get some fresh water and eat something. Then he continued right away towards La Perousse Bay. Tomorrow will be another tough day, as he will try to get as close to Hana as possible, where Soleil and I gone meet him, bring him some food, fresh water.... I will try to update the blog before I leave from Haiku towards Hana, if I have some news. Thank you very much to all our friends for their continued support. Have a good night, Dagmar


Ingmar said...

Hey Bart! Good luck from Curacao!

The Martins on the Sailing Boat Ohana Kai said...

Keep on Keeping on Brother Bart!  The Ohana Kaiers are pulling or is that paddling for ya! Must be a faster paddle without Soleil sitting on the bow although I bet you wouldnt mind the company.

cammar said...

Paddle hard Bart and stay away from the cliffs once you pass Hana. There's a NE swell on its way and that will make the ocean near the cliffs quite... you'll find out!
Check my blog post when you come back.

PS. My verification word was "supses"... how apropos!