Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beautiful Outer reef day

They were calling 15-25 feet. After driving up and down the coast to find the right spot, I met up with Gaimpaolo, together we paddled to the out reef.
It was one of those perfect days. Big and high peeling waves, glassy, now wind and just 4 of us out there and a couple of tow in crews.
I had the HD Go Pro camera mounted on my head,Giampaolo on his paddle. This time I made only pictures. Which this camera does very well by the way.
We stayed out from 7:00 to 11:00, Dagmar took care of the shop. I saw this one coming last week and we sheduled this session as a 'have to go'
Unfortunately the wide angle lens doesn't reflect the actual size of the waves.
Also check Gaimpaolo 's site with more action.
This is one picture where you can actually see a little bit of the actual size of the waves. The pocket just behind me and peeling in front, what a life. Wooohaa...
Here is a shot of Giampaolo, he also had an awesome day.
Giamo Paolo made this one from his paddle mount.

I broke my leach, the a tow in team helped me back to my board. After that it was a short leach with a big not which held up for another 2 hours.

My version of Ben Stiller, 'There is something about Mary", see Giampaolo's blog.

Another shot of Gaimpaolo sharing this wave with me.

Look at this perfect shape.

Aloha from Maui

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Beautiful Hookipa

Sunday morning,
glassy, big waves a beautiful day, a stand up day. I leave my wife and daughter before breakfast, after quick birthday call to my sister in Holland. I drive down 3 minutes before I see how good the waves really are.
After a couple of tries I made it out in Kuau. Getting to know my new 9'1" a little bit better. A few amazing drops and rides.
Although the forecast wasn't to good. The wind picked up strong enough in the afternoon. This time Hookipa. The Light winds on the inside made it challenging to get out. Below is a picture of Ola from Sweden with a huge set in front of him.
Once you were out you could ride the big sets and just get out in time and don't ride them in all the way. But what fun it was. Sharing Hookipa only with hand full of other riders. Brilliant as ever Robby Naish. Daring as always, Mark Angulo, Young riders Bend, Connor Baxter and my friend Andres. Hookipa at it's best.
Thanks Kate, for the pictures

Ola facing nature

Robby Naish

Bootm Turn Robby Style

Bend on of the youngest riders in Hookipa
Mark Angulo

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Waterman League

Waterman League's Stand Up Paddle World Tour is on in Oahu.

Maui's Kai Lenny (17) , Robby Naish and Slater Trout (15) all made it through the first round.
Here are some pictures from the trails and first round.
The wind is back on here on Maui. Since I have the new GO PRO HD camera I made some movies but did not edit them. From wednesday on there is lot's of waves and wind. But first those Waterman League pictures.

These pics don't need any words.
Aloha from Maui, Bart

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Toys and big waves pipeline

Check out the videos of the pipeline volcom Pro in Oahu. Dagmar was there with a girlfriend and saw the whole thing live from the beach.


Our container arrived Saturday, with all the new Starboards ( read toys)
After hours of unpacking I discovers some beautiful boards.
I had to go and try them out Sunday morning.
First a session on the new 9'1" pro ( 29 wide) in Hookipa. When I arrived the wind was already there. As a windsurfer I don't mind as a stand up surfers I do. Which means I am always happy with or without wind.
A had a couple of good ride , big drops and big wipe outs. In all a good morning.

All the new toys in the back up of my pick up ready for water.

In the after noon I went first for a windsurf stand up session. Which ended not too well after my mastfoot broke. After that I gave it an other try on the new QUAD 76 which was absolutely awesome. Light winds stopped most people going out in Kuau which has a difficult entrance and exit. The over mast high sets made it all exciting and worth it. In all a great day. I am totally hooked on the Quads, they plane very well and still you can make some much tight turns on a wave, like a surfboard.

Kanaha Kai packed with new Boards.

Karen Baxter head of inventory
Aloha, From Maui