Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Beautiful Hookipa

Sunday morning,
glassy, big waves a beautiful day, a stand up day. I leave my wife and daughter before breakfast, after quick birthday call to my sister in Holland. I drive down 3 minutes before I see how good the waves really are.
After a couple of tries I made it out in Kuau. Getting to know my new 9'1" a little bit better. A few amazing drops and rides.
Although the forecast wasn't to good. The wind picked up strong enough in the afternoon. This time Hookipa. The Light winds on the inside made it challenging to get out. Below is a picture of Ola from Sweden with a huge set in front of him.
Once you were out you could ride the big sets and just get out in time and don't ride them in all the way. But what fun it was. Sharing Hookipa only with hand full of other riders. Brilliant as ever Robby Naish. Daring as always, Mark Angulo, Young riders Bend, Connor Baxter and my friend Andres. Hookipa at it's best.
Thanks Kate, for the pictures

Ola facing nature

Robby Naish

Bootm Turn Robby Style

Bend on of the youngest riders in Hookipa
Mark Angulo

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benjaminpink said...

Great photos! thanks for posting. That young rider is "Bernd" not "Bend" by the way, FYI.