Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beautiful Outer reef day

They were calling 15-25 feet. After driving up and down the coast to find the right spot, I met up with Gaimpaolo, together we paddled to the out reef.
It was one of those perfect days. Big and high peeling waves, glassy, now wind and just 4 of us out there and a couple of tow in crews.
I had the HD Go Pro camera mounted on my head,Giampaolo on his paddle. This time I made only pictures. Which this camera does very well by the way.
We stayed out from 7:00 to 11:00, Dagmar took care of the shop. I saw this one coming last week and we sheduled this session as a 'have to go'
Unfortunately the wide angle lens doesn't reflect the actual size of the waves.
Also check Gaimpaolo 's site with more action.
This is one picture where you can actually see a little bit of the actual size of the waves. The pocket just behind me and peeling in front, what a life. Wooohaa...
Here is a shot of Giampaolo, he also had an awesome day.
Giamo Paolo made this one from his paddle mount.

I broke my leach, the a tow in team helped me back to my board. After that it was a short leach with a big not which held up for another 2 hours.

My version of Ben Stiller, 'There is something about Mary", see Giampaolo's blog.

Another shot of Gaimpaolo sharing this wave with me.

Look at this perfect shape.

Aloha from Maui