Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SuperFreak Meeting

A glorious day in Kanaha, Maui

Hot Sails organized a Superfreak meeting. a colorful display of many different superfreaks. In all, more than 700 different designs and colors exists now. Although there was only a little bit of wind (8knots) , still there were more than 25 superfreak sailors on the water.
Most sailors were on stand up boards, but also beginner boards, tandems and a new serenity showed up. We had a great time sailing the waves on the reefs in Kanaha. Diony showed what he can do in light winds on a AHD sealion.
Winds are light at the moment. Even Kihei didn't work the last 2 days. But the swell keeps rolling in. Lot's of people are on the stand up boards and Hookipa was packed with the short boarders. Both south and north shore have plenty of waves the next days.
On Maui there is always something going on in the water.
Aloha from Maui, Bart

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Diony Guadagnino in Maui

Diony is back in town (Maui). Always good for a lot of smiles and plenty of radical action in Hookipa.

This week all the Hot Sails Maui distributors from all over the world, come to Maui to check out the new gear which will be in the shops in 2010.
Diony will be training slalom with his friend Juan Marina also from Venezuela. Both will be competing in the PWA slalom this year.
We are getting ready for this season, next month we will be getting in our new equipment, brand new Hot Sails and Starboards.
The whole Kanaha Kai staff and Diony and Juan helped us paint the shop this week.

I will keep you updated with all the new goodies we will see this week from Hot Sails, and may be some seek peeks for the 2010 sails.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I love Hookipa on days like this

This little video is for my friend Martijn back in Holland who is coming to Maui. Just a little reminder what it's all about. This video is last weeks, as good as it gets. It was busy, 2 helicopters in the air for the different photos shoots going on this time of the year, lot's of people on the water. But the conditions were perfect. Mast high and peeling waves, 4.7 sail. Aloha!

Hookipa, Maui from Bart de Zwart on Vimeo.

Stand up paddle in disney world

Look at what Clay feeter ( Stand up Journal) sent today.

Stand up is slowly making it's way to the general public. Here is a shot of a stand up surfer in the wave basin in Disney world.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bjorn Dunkerbeck on his new sails

When I was checking out the Butterfly effect in Sprecks, I shot a few pics of Bjorn on his new Severne sails. Fast as always and very eager to move up in the rankings.

It will be an interesting year in the PWA racing circuit. Lot's of sponsors changes, new riders, new boards and always faster sails. Hot Sails will be entering the PWA slalom with Diony Guadagnino on the new GPS (Gran Prix Speed) sails.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Butterfly effect

Juliana & Tatiana organized the third annual butterfly effect.

An amazing event which included, kiting, windsurfing and Stand up paddling.

More than 100 participants came to this strictly women event. And if you invite the women, the men will come too.

At 1000 every body met at Hookipa, the wind started blowing the sun came out and the aloha spirit was all around.

At 1100 Every body entered the water and sailed, kited and paddled away, first toward sprecks and then to Kanaha.

Da Kine and Hot Sails were the main sponsors, together with Juliana and Tatiana they made sure this was an unforgettable and very succesfull event.

Watch below the more pictures in the slide show. In the next couple of days I will add a little video.

Pictures by Dagmar & Bart de Zwart

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Windy windy Maui

Oh boy is it windy lately here on Maui. The last couple of days everybody is on 3.7 and 4.0's. Nico, Glen and I had a fun day at Sprecks. Here is the video we made with one head camera and one boom mounted Go Pro camera.
There is a new swell on the horizon and the wind is slowing down a little to normal 4.7 levels.

Aloha from Maui