Saturday, April 25, 2009

Diony Guadagnino in Maui

Diony is back in town (Maui). Always good for a lot of smiles and plenty of radical action in Hookipa.

This week all the Hot Sails Maui distributors from all over the world, come to Maui to check out the new gear which will be in the shops in 2010.
Diony will be training slalom with his friend Juan Marina also from Venezuela. Both will be competing in the PWA slalom this year.
We are getting ready for this season, next month we will be getting in our new equipment, brand new Hot Sails and Starboards.
The whole Kanaha Kai staff and Diony and Juan helped us paint the shop this week.

I will keep you updated with all the new goodies we will see this week from Hot Sails, and may be some seek peeks for the 2010 sails.

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