Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SuperFreak Meeting

A glorious day in Kanaha, Maui

Hot Sails organized a Superfreak meeting. a colorful display of many different superfreaks. In all, more than 700 different designs and colors exists now. Although there was only a little bit of wind (8knots) , still there were more than 25 superfreak sailors on the water.
Most sailors were on stand up boards, but also beginner boards, tandems and a new serenity showed up. We had a great time sailing the waves on the reefs in Kanaha. Diony showed what he can do in light winds on a AHD sealion.
Winds are light at the moment. Even Kihei didn't work the last 2 days. But the swell keeps rolling in. Lot's of people are on the stand up boards and Hookipa was packed with the short boarders. Both south and north shore have plenty of waves the next days.
On Maui there is always something going on in the water.
Aloha from Maui, Bart

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jeff E of the Great White North said...

had fun on the big board and a 6.9 super freak, on the waves at uppers.
but wasnt able to get back on the water after Jeff H's house .
A close to total loss of reflexes after imbibing the punch , thanks to the hostess who mixed it up.....I am not complaining just stating a fact.......... hold on, I DID go back out . My bad, I forgot, yes the punch has also effected my memories of the event.