Monday, April 13, 2009

The Butterfly effect

Juliana & Tatiana organized the third annual butterfly effect.

An amazing event which included, kiting, windsurfing and Stand up paddling.

More than 100 participants came to this strictly women event. And if you invite the women, the men will come too.

At 1000 every body met at Hookipa, the wind started blowing the sun came out and the aloha spirit was all around.

At 1100 Every body entered the water and sailed, kited and paddled away, first toward sprecks and then to Kanaha.

Da Kine and Hot Sails were the main sponsors, together with Juliana and Tatiana they made sure this was an unforgettable and very succesfull event.

Watch below the more pictures in the slide show. In the next couple of days I will add a little video.

Pictures by Dagmar & Bart de Zwart

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