Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tough first day

After looking at the forecast I decided to start in Kanaha where Dagmar, Marit and Dennis said goodbye. The first 4 hours I had very light head wind and lots of chop which made it a hard sptart. But I still good progress. Saw 2 different packs of dolphins, lots of turtles and other fish. In launiopoko my friend Rob brought me some food which tasted very good after more than 9 hrs of paddling. Now I made camp on the south side, I hear the waves slamming on the rocks. Time to sleep, it will be a long day tomorrow. Ps thanks to my lovely wife, Dagmar, who always supports my crazy ideas. Even if I come up with those 2 days before. Aloha from south Maui.
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Dagmar's family blog Maui said...

So sweet. Have a good night, Dagmar

Dagmar's family blog Maui said...

Thanks so much to all of our friends for their support, Dagmar