Monday, May 18, 2009

Stand Up paddle race Olukai

Today we had the Olukai, stand up paddle race from Maliko to Kanaha.

Stand up paddle surfing became big in a short time. Downwinders, flatwater, waves, it's a hype and it's good... 5 Years ago only a hand full did it in Maui. Now thousands.
In the Olukai were about a 120 participants.
Because of the lack of wind it was a hard race.
Here some pictures of the event.

Hawaii chant at the opening ceremony

The women in my life and winning 'best support crew '
Mark Raaphorst 2nd place overall, fast as ever on his F18

Martijn and I 3rd and 2nd in our division

Dave Kalama 1st place overall, the man to beat

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