Sunday, January 10, 2010

Womens Stand Up Event January 9th 2010

STARBOARD girls; Tiffany, Dagmar and Anne-Marie

In Maui there are a lot of women doing stand up. There was a great turn out for the women's SUP event in Wailea. 320 women signed up for this event organized by Suzie Cooney and Tommy Callan.

Tommy and Suzie

We went over there at 5 am to make sure we had a parking spot to unload all the 12 boards we brought with us. For us a good oportunity to demo the boards and support the women who came without a board.

SUP Clinic, safety, Hula, Health Food, Cancer foundation support and a big price rafel. And off course every body on the water for a 1 and a half hour paddel along the coast. Organized in 3 group level.

Hula girls
The sometimes huge shorebreak didn't make it easy for the first timers to get in the water. With the help of 20 caddies who brought the boards in and out, everything went fine and without injuries and only one broken board ( not a Starboard)

Interview with the Maui news

Happy SUPers
Tomorrow there is a 30-40 feet swell coming. So plenty of action again. Have to get in bed fopr a 5 Am dawn patrol to go tow in.

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