Thursday, April 14, 2011

TEAM STARBOARD in the Catalina Challenge & Starboard Pro SUP line

First, here is a nice video Scott made when I was visiting him down under. It shows what the Pro Stand up line is all about.

I use the 8'5 Pro and the 10'3 Gun mostly

The 8'5 is a fun small aggressive and fast board. The 9'1 and 9'8 have a little more glide and are easier to get on the wave but still have fast aggressive scoop rocker line.

The 10'3 GUN is a big wave stand up board. This board handles a lot of speed. I just used this board the last 2 times I was in Jaws. But it is definitely not only for Jaws, this winter I had a lot of good days at the outer reefs here. At some point the smaller boards have their limits when the waves get bigger. With a board like this with a narrower outline you generate more speed with more control and because of the narrow tail you can maintain that control in the turns. On big waves you need the length to get on the wave. Bigger waves have more speed so it is harder to get on them. With a board like this you can get up to speed to get on them.

2 Weeks ago I raced a team race with Ernest Johnson (EJ) in California, TEAM STARBOARD. A 40 mile race between Catalina Island and Dana Point. We raced on the ACE 14' and switched every 30 minutes. Because of the headwind we encountered it took us 7 and a half hours to complete the race. We came in 2nd place in the 14 foot class just a minute behind team quickblade.
Here is a little video I made of the race.

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