Monday, May 23, 2011

Battle of the Paddle may 2011

A great race, at a great venue: Waikiki, Honolulu.At the starting line only the world best.
The first day we had the Elite race, a 12'6 Stock class race with a zig zag course through the waves.
We had 4 rounds with each round a run through the chicane.
The start line was very crowded with a 150 on the start line a little mistake can put you right in the middle
My Start wasn't very good. So I was in 40th place right away. battling with the crowd. i never found my rhythm in this race. Every time I came to the outside I had a hard time finding a nice big wave to get back in. Finally the last round I felt strong and started passing people found a good set rode it in all the way and ended being in 20th place not a result I was hoping for. In the mean time Connor my training aprtner did good business. He had a great start and worked hard to get to the front. Danny Ching and Traves battled for 1st pace and Connor and Slater battled for 3rd. In the end Connor just worked harder and got his 3rd place.

The long distance. By now I was all fired up, ready to do better. The wind was light and it was going to be a beautiful light wind down winder, just what I liked.
Connor and I had both a good start in the big field of about a 150 competitors.
Outside we got a little wind and some small bumps. if you worked hard you were able to get some glides. Slowly I worked my way up from 10th to 7 place. Then it was time to start working hard. i took a little more outside route with less risk of getting pounded by the swell which worked out for me. Right behind me some one broke his board. In the bay of Waikiki , in the flats, i just grinded until I got close to the shore and made sure didn't make any mistakes, passing 2 more and getting in 4th place. The last couple of 100 yards i paddled my brains out and came in 4th. Super stoked Connor got in right in front of me in 3rd. So a good day for the team.

The the relay. This time we had it figured out. Zane was the starter. He had great starts and get up on the board super fast. Then me, Gillian our girl and finishing was Connor. 2*4 laps.
we had a good start getting in 5th place, at my turn we got to 2nd, Gillian held our position and Connor started working toward the 1st place. After 7 rounds we were close but it came all down to the last 50 yard when Connor past the 1st place girl to get our team 1st place over the finish line.

So a nice weekend of paddling.
Thanks to STARBOARD, DAKINE, Black Project fins and Contour HD for support.

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