Sunday, March 6, 2011


Here is a small impression of a Hawaiian Winter. A few weeks without any blog post. But here is a movie I just made

Waves, Stand Up, Whales, Tropical Green, and lot's of Aloha

MAUI WINTER from Bart de Zwart on Vimeo.

Finally we have strong trades back. Lot's of windsurfing and downwinders in the next days ahead.

SUP Training season starts again. I have been training all winter but in a lighter modus. In 3 weeks we have the first race and from then on the summer through until october.

First race will be the Catalina RACE. A 40 mile 2 man team race from Catalina Island to Dana point. I join EJ in Dana Point for this race. TEAM STARBOARD. Whiiiha

We will make sure we have some footage to show after the race.




Rene Brask said...

Hey Bart

What a great movie :) Hawaii is such a wonderful place!

Hope you all are well, seems like it :)

We are planning a trip to Maui in Feb. 12. More about that later, it's such a long time :(

Cheers dude


Bart, Kanaha Kai Maui said...

Hi Rene, great to hear from you.
Cool than I will see you next winter.