Sunday, September 27, 2009

MAUI is going off & PWA world cup SYLT

Friday morning Hookipa

This september has been great. Every week another swell comes in and the winds have been good almost the whole month.

The last 3 days stand up paddling in the morning in Hookipa then in the afternoon a windsurf session in Kuau or Hookipa. Maui at it's best.

Here are some early morning SUP pictures

Here is one shot of Phillipe and one of Robby Naish taken by Giampaolo.

Robby is still going as strong as he was many years ago.

He has some amazing shots from Hookipa while I busy sailing myself in Kuau just a half a mile down wind. A beautiful day with mast high waves and 4.8 sail.

Also, Hot Sails Maui has 2 team riders competing in the Wolrd cup in SYLT. Diony Giadagnino and Paul Zeper. Paul is a young new rider. He just got the new 2010 Hot Sails BOLT .

Aloha from Maui, Bart

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