Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stand Up Race in the Netherlands- 11 city tour 220KM

Two days in this amazing 5 day- 220km race, everybody is sore and tired. But it's all worth it. Today was almost a repeat of yesterday. Byron Kurt (USA) took the lead form the start. Xavier from Spain, Eric from France and I followed at 2 minutes for hours until the 15 minute break in Hindeloopen. The landscapes are incredible. Yesterday we battled the wind the whole day for 7 hours. Today we paddled against the wind the first half and then we turned North and had the wind in the back all the way to the finish. Sorry I can not upload any pictures from the boat where we stay on during this race but the official website has plenty.
All the racers sleep onboard an tradional dutch 'platbodem' ship. This makes a perfect place to talk story, have dinner and put all the boards.
So after 2 days my ranking is 4th about 10 min behind 3rd. Still a lot of hard work in the next 3 days and 140 KM.
De groeten from the Netherlands, Bart

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Dagmar's family blog Maui said...

Hi Bart,

it's so exciting to watch the race from here on Maui in the evening, the start of the race and then the progress thru the Dutch channels. "Spectator" is awesome. Tell Anne Marie she did a great job. We are all very proud of you, wishing you some strong paddle days for the following race days to come. Knuffeltjes, hugs and kisses, Dagmar and Soleil