Monday, October 5, 2009

Surfer record in South Africa + new online Magazine

Watch this link on the BBC to see a new record attempt to get as many surfers on one wave as possible. And we think that Hookipa is crowded sometimes. It's not official yet but they counted 103 surfers on one the wave for 5 second or longer.

Then below here is an image, we get excited about here in Maui. The swell forcast. The deeper the red, the bigger the swell. Looks like we will get some nice Hookipa time in a couple of days. Although after sailing Hookipa the last 3 days we have no complains about wind and waves. 2 days ago We had some Manta rays in the line up while we were sailing. Off course GP got some great pictures.

This is the new online Windsurfer International Magazine October Issue. Check the link to read the magazine it's free.

Also, We have a new Wave world champion. Josh Angulo just won in Sylt in hard typical German conditions, cold windy and unorganized waves. Very little wave riding lots of jumping.

Aloah from Maui

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