Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The 220 km 11 city race is on

Day 1
Today was the start of 11 city tour. A five day race. We started at 9:00. A few racers from last year returned and many new competitors. The maximum length for the sup boards is 16 foot. I race on the Starboard K15, made for flatwater racing.
Like last year every body sprinted away at the start. With 45 km to go. Soon we had Xavier Mazdevall from Spain, Erwin Jansen from Holland and me at the front. After 15 minute break Xavi and I took off and battled each other for hours. In the end 1 km from the finish we were still together. We decided to sprint for the finish the last 500 meters. At that piont we were allready very tired. At the finish I could the race for me with xavi right behind finish time was 4hrs and 55min. Erwin came in 3rd 7 min later. After a good massage we have to eat a lot to make up for everything lost today. Day 2. Starts tomorrow at 9:00.

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Bibian said...

Bart , succes! Hoop je wellicht nog ff te zien van de week.....en anders wellicht in Loosdrecht?!?! Groetjes aan Meke en Nicole!