Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sup World cup Hamburg II

This event takes place in the middle of Hamburg in the habour.
We started the sprint final at 12.00. Paul from Australia, Xavier Masdevall from Spain, Eric Terrien from France, Jerry Bliss from Hawaii, John Hibert from the UK, and me. The sprint is lap of 1km around 2 bouys.
Here in Hamburg I have been using a 14' NEW Starboard, it is fast but I had to adjust my turns because with these board you can't step back. So you turn solely around your paddle.

At the start Eric took off and took the lead. I was fourth, then third , and then second at the first bouy. I thought this was going great. When I went around the bouy with someone hit me hard on the tail which threw me of my board. Before I was on my board again I was in fifth place and very angry. At the second bouy I caught up with the 4th. I gave everything until the finish but I was one board length shy of John Hibert who came in 3rd. Eric 1st and Xavi 2nd.
For the long distance 14ft race, I only had a 12'6 to my disposal. So I knew I didn't stand a change against all the 14 footers. But I tried anyway. In the mean time there were a lot of spectators lined up , a big crowd, all cheering on.
After 10 km it was Eric again in 1st, Paul in 2nd and Jerry in 3rd. I came in 10th.
In all ,a great event. But I leave with mixed feelings. In 2 days we start the 11~city tour in Holland. I will post some pictures later today.
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