Monday, December 7, 2009

Jaws breaking big time 40-50 feet

Since days, everyone is watching the weather and swell forecasts. A deep, double low pressure system was heading our way. It could be the swell of the century.
Since I don't own a jet ski and my tow partner is working on his ski, I had to go and see jaws for my self by other means. SUP
6:30 I arrive at Maliko, I can't believe it's closing out. I have never seen Maliko closing out. Even in huge swells you can still go out there. Luckily it was only in the sets. So I get me stand up board and wait for a good time to go out.
At 7:30, After a 45 minute paddle I arrive at Peahi ( Jaws). I almost passed it, because I had to be far out at sea not be caught by a freak wave breaking on the rocks and with so much spray in the air you could hardly see the coastline.
It's already full with jet skis. Laird and Dave Kalama and some are towing in but most are just checking out what it looks like. It's a very westerly swell which makes Jaws a little more tricky.
After an hour there are about 30 ski 5 boats and 4 helicopter above our heads.
After a couple of hours it's time to head back, the weather is changing and it's time to work. After a quick paddle back I enter Maliko again without getting washed. Here are some pics and a little go pro video. The video is done with the wide angle camera which doesn't do good to the size of the waves but it gives a nice impression.
So yes it was big but not the swell of the century that one still has to come. Maybe tomorrow, the Eddie Aikau is on for tomorrow on Oahu and
the swell is going to peak to night so it could be even bigger tomorrow.
Here are some shots from the water (SUP).

For really nice shots from the cliff check this site from a friend of mine,Anita Harris, Anitas latest Post


Anita Harris said...

Great shots from the water Bart, and the video from the SUP is superb. Aloha!

Rene Brask said...

Guess you were the only SUP out there right? ;)

Must have been an amazing experience to watch the whole show close up. Nice photos!

All the best


Bart, Kanaha Kai Maui said...

Thanks Rene and Anita, yes good action and right up and close.
Only one SUP but I think next time there will be plenty more.