Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big SURF Tuesday

Eddie Aikau Invitational dec 8 2009, Kelly Slater after one of the rides of the day.

A perfect work day. Dagmar and I had 2 stand up sessions, we checked out Jaws with Jeff's family and the kids and we still worked from 9 to 14:00, a perfect work day on Maui. Now I have to admit, it's not always like that. But you can always squeeze in a small session on the water somewhere when it's good. And it was good!
Here's some of the action of today.

First, Stand up Session at Kanaha this morning

Jaws was still breaking on Maui, 40 feet waves around midday and around 25 feet when we got there. Dagmar took some pics.

On Oahu, the Eddie Aikau was on. in The last 25 years, this big wave event only took place 7 times. They had a 50 foot waves at Waimea. I just saw some footage on Television. The 25 bravest of the bravest were in this competition.
Wiped out, Mark Healey

Traffic on Oahu was crazy

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jeff E of the Great White North said...

hey Bart howsit?!! Jeff from Canada Coming your way for two weeks early february , looking for wind. Now I know its not a good time for wind, but last april should have been better then january and It wasnt so ...i'll be rolling the dice with wind again this year . My mothers a hairdresser and she has a customer who goes to maui yearly she told me I should have been in hawaii epic waves. She figues i surf....So I logged on to check things out HOLY SMOKES look at that wave slater is on . EPIC!!!