Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kona days and more SUP

After some Kona winds. It is light again. Still plenty of swells.
So lots of Stand Up in the outer reefs.
I am getting to know the new STARBOARD boards.

The Starboard 8'5"* 28.5 PRO is a fun little board for smaller waves. The board turns so fast, you can surf it and work it as a surfboard.

The Gun 10'3 x28.5 is made for the bigger days. Nice thin rails and lots of rocker. It is easier getting on the bigger waves because of it's length and it handles the speed because it is narrow and has the thin rails. If you want it to turn you step back and it makes nice, hard, controlled turns.

The Starboards are already light but the brushed carbon boards are super light. Not only nice to carry and to accelerate to get on the wave but specially with the top turns you feel a big difference.
I am really stoked.
Here is a little video of the last 3 sessions on the outer reefs, Tavares, Kuau and Outer sprecks.
Sometimes with Connor but mostly just by myself.

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