Friday, November 5, 2010

First week in South Africa

The first 10 days we had wind non stop. The first couple of days we spend in Langebaan testing 5.3 and 6.0 sails and 95 liter board on flat water.

The water here is very cold mostly between 10-14 degrees. But on the other hand the sun is mostly shining which makes it all bearable again. Unfortunately I won't be able to tell about the results of the test. This you have to read in the magazine. But I can tell you we have 4.7 sails weighing only 2.8 kilos and wave boards with one, two, three and four fins.

Langebaan Photo shoot Flat water
Platboom, Cape of Good Hope board test and 4.7
Platboom, mast high
We were lucky in Platboom where we had perfect conditions for 4.7 and solid waves for 2 days. But heh, it is not Maui, it is rougher, colder and less clean.
The wind is gone now since 2 days, so we do measurements, board shape discussions and photos and off course we have some spare time to go stand up in Elands bay and Swart riet
So far from South Africa,
Aloha, Bart

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