Friday, October 22, 2010

New Boards and New Waves on Maui

Yesterday we got the NEW 2011 Quads in. They not only look amazing but they are also sophisticated. That's why they are called Quad IQ. They have a clever new box system so you can switch out the front and back fins (onshore bigger fins in the front, side shore smaller fins in the front) and even use the board as a twin fin (skatey feel). All the quads come with 6 fins, 4 for a quad set up or 2 for a twin set up.
2011 QUADs fresh, fast and so turny
Yesterday we had another great swell again. Stand up in the morning and windsurf in the afternoon. Pictures below are made by Simone Reddingius find here on facebook if you need a Maui Photographer.
Bart, Hookipa/Lanes, on a Starboard 9'1 Pro
Kai Lenny, Hookipa
Andy not so Happy, Hookipa

Robby Naish Hookipa/Lanes
I am off to South Africa for the german SURF windsurfing test for the next 4 weeks. I will keep you posted.

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