Monday, November 23, 2009

SUPer day and Hookipa heaven

Woke up early today to do a Stand up session with Hizkia before work.
We checked out Kuau and Kanaha Kai and decided that Kanaha Kai looked to small and windy and Kuau kind a big so I decided for Kuau where only a few tow-ins where playing. Hiz took some shots.
Getting out was hard work

But once on the wave very rewarding.

And then here are some shots Hizkia took of Hookipa yesterday. There was definetly some size to it and good action too.
Levi still the king of Hookipa

Keith also a contender of the crown.

Nice aerial off the lip from Hot Sails rider, Andres


1 comment:

Rene Brask said...

Looks heavy...

Bart you are a mad man :) but amazing photos.

Hope you are all doing good!!!