Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another day in Paradise

I finally made it out on the water by 16:00 when the wind was just about to die because of some disturbance in the air. Luckily I had my stand up 10'5" in the back of the truck. It wasn't huge but I sure did enjoy it.
The wind on Maui is a little lighter for a couple of days and picks back up in a day or 2 with a nice new swell after the weekend. 12 feet and 17 sec is a perfect mast high wave. Today there is an other little movie with the SUP. In next few days I will bring some other exciting sports we do here on the island.

For now Aloha


Dethos said...

Nice video again, this time with the GoPro on the front of the boom!

Is it possible to put the camera in a position that you can also see a part of your board?


Bart, Kanaha Kai Maui said...

Hi Martijn,

always there to montivate me. Yes I Have to try more. Lot's of options with the Go pro. Next thing I want to try is on the paddle of the SUP and on the MTB.
Next week there are more waves coming adn we wil have more wave riding.